Melbourne Wedding Video 2016 | Celebrating Frank & Chloe Wedding at Gum Gully Farm

" I carry your heart with me, i am never without it my dear, and i will carry you through all my life. " It always gives me butterflies in my stomach to witness a wedding couple who has walked through thick and thin together, having been together since high school years, and having proved that long distance relationship does work if our hearts desire so. And for the longest time, finally they got hitched with the blessings from family and friends. 


Another intimate wedding that took place at Gum Gully Farm, Silvan in Australia this summer with our lovely couple Frank and Chloe of Salt Shaker Film. An intimate wedding is only meaningful when you have only the closest friends and intimate family members around for the special day. This fun couple has been fortunate and blessed to have a group of friends to help them with their wedding decorations, wedding planning and executions all throughout.

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