Destination Wedding in Uganda, Africa | Celebrating Andrew & Rupa

We come across many couples who opt for Africa continent to host a destination wedding, such as the popular Cape Town, Marrakesh, Kenya or Zanzibar. And when we saw the proposal that says it will take place in Uganda, our jaws dropped wide open! We know instantly that this much rare destination ( home of African mountain gorillas ) would be an epic one to end the year 2017 with, despite the fact we have to spend our Christmas day on a plane and work on Christmas week. 


Just as the idea of having their wedding in Uganda during the Christmas and New Year's week, Andrew and Rupa get to celebrate the week with their closest families and friends. As Rupa's parents had lived in Uganda before they moved to London, it is their dream to have their daughter's wedding back in the hometown. Their celebration started off by welcoming the guests with an evening function packed with the native African theme, dances, and performances. And they elevate the celebration by topping off with an Ibiza theme pool party by the lakeside; ending the festivity on a high note with fireworks at the dinner reception!

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