Italy Wedding at the luxury Borgo Dei Conti Resort in Umbria | Celebrating Lauren & John

Making a decision on having a destination wedding is easy, but choosing a wedding destination and executing it are the hardest. Lauren and John shares a similar vision in having a destination wedding at their first travel country which is also one of their favorites — Italy. As the saying goes “ You make me happy in a way no one else can, for you are the sunshine that makes my day. “ Lauren and John is one simple and loving couple. Although there tend to be hiccups on wedding day, or that wedding day could get a little stressful, but Lauren and John never let that get into them, they always stay cool and calm, letting the day unfold on its pace and soak in the fun. Their wedding took place at a luxury chateau in Perugia, which is just 3 hours away from Rome. It was a fun and grand wedding, from gorgeous wedding venue to beautiful decoration, heart warming speeches, amazing first dance, the epic fireworks, the love and blessings from friends and families who travelled all the way from The States to celebrate their big day.

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