01. October 2018
When you are truly, madly, deeply in love with that someone, you will make it work even if it means to be on a long distance relationship. The journey may be tough but it definitely warrants a fruitful and magical result. Just like Jennie and Jon, they were in a long distance relationship for years, and finally tied the knot in the most romantic and dreamy city, Florence. Jon and Jennie are just the perfect pair, their eyes are always lovingly locked on each other albeit the surroundings.
31. August 2018
Presenting the beautiful wedding celebration of Derek and Vivian at the most mesmerizing winery and wedding venue in Melbourne, Stones of the Yarra Valley. The Stones make a picture perfect winery wedding especially during this winter season.
31. May 2018
Making a decision on having a destination wedding is easy, but choosing a wedding destination and executing it are the hardest. Lauren and John shares a similar vision in having a destination wedding at their first travel country which is also one of their favorites — Italy. As the saying goes “ You make me happy in a way no one else can, for you are the sunshine that makes my day. “ Lauren and John is one simple and loving couple.
07. February 2018
When we first recce the Stones of the Yarra Valley ( Melbourne, Victoria ), we fell immensely in love with the whole place, it felt as though we were taken back to Tuscany. And it is no surprise that this place has been the dream wedding venue for many couples — a little classic “ Italian-feel “ Chapel, the iconic vineyard that is ideal for pre wedding shoot, the classic Italy trees line, a tastefully decorated boutique hotel for couples to get ready before the wedding,
08. January 2018
We come across many couples who opt for Africa continent to host a destination wedding, such as the popular Cape Town, Marrakesh, Kenya or Zanzibar. And when we saw the proposal that says it will take place in Uganda, our jaws dropped wide open! We know instantly that this much rare destination ( home of African mountain gorillas ) would be an epic one to end the year 2017 with, despite the fact we have to spend our Christmas day on a plane and work on Christmas week.
11. October 2017
A Beautiful Destination Wedding in Gubbio, Italy || Celebrating Richard & Kirsty This summer we are truly blessed to have this great honor to film a beautiful destination wedding of our lovely couple, Richard and Kirsty in the historic town and castle in Italy -- Gubbio. Gubbio is a beautiful medieval town located in the central of Italy, surrounded by hills. This little town has took us by surprise.
22. September 2017
This Autumn we have been so blessed to work with 2 Austrian weddings, and this time it takes place at a beautiful rustic castle in Spielfeld, Austria. Spielfeld is a nice and cozy country side which is just about 40 minutes drive away from Graz. We are honored to work with our beautiful couple, Stefan and Katharina on this wedding. They both live and work in Vienna and have opted for a country-theme wedding in Spielfeld. Though we have only connected with them via emails prior to wedding,
13. September 2017
It was such a beautiful day for our gorgeous and nice couple, Angelika and Thomas in Graz. Angelika and Thomas make such a lovely couple together, and complement each other well.
23. August 2017
We have had this great honor to film Aaron and Nadhrah's civil wedding in United Kingdom, after capturing their Nikah ceremony and reception in Kuala Lumpur. It feels like attending a family friend's wedding. Having seen Aaron and Nad together had us one conclusion; a love so pure that out beat the culture differences, a relationship so strong that bond the family together.
31. July 2017
If we could use one word to describe this wedding, it would be awesomeness. But awesomeness is still an understatement. Although the wedding has ended over the weekend, we are still overwhelmed with the entire celebration, feeling sad that we had to bid farewell to our lovely couple, Geeti and Ankur, after having spent the week long with them and their big families. To start off, we have an amazing and easy going couple who happens to be a big fan, nice family members to work with, awesome...

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