London, England

"Jared and Emmaline are simply amazing. An easy-going but always professional couple, they share a passion for capturing the most intimate and special moments at every wedding they shoot. They are a loving couple who clearly enjoy every element of wedding celebrations as they creatively capture every detail. My wife and I were blown away by the incredible coverage they provided of my sister in laws wedding. They became an important part of the celebration and we watched their video hundreds of times. After I popped the question, there was only one name on our list for who would shoot our wedding video.

Wed-deographer did not disappoint. They are very reliable, turning up ready regardless of which country you're in & whichever unique location you choose. They shot in homes, hotels, city centres and drizzly countryside in Kuala Lumpur & London. They do things so smoothly, that you don't even feel like they are there. Yet they capture every beautiful moment, behind the scenes and add their personal touch to make it great.

After shooting our wedding ceremony (Nikah), staying until almost midnight, they arrived at our hotel reception at 5pm the next day with a one day edit video of yesterday's celebrations that was ready to go. It was played at our reception and it is fair to say they captured every emotion and detail so perfectly it felt like everybody was there. The quality of the footage and editing was the best I have ever seen. I simply don't know how they did it in that time. It was perfect and we couldn't wait to watch it on repeat. Every one of their films are unique to each couple and we felt the connection to our event immediately.

On top of the quality of their work, Wed-deographer are so much fun to work with. Jared and Emmaline have even become good friends of ours. They will try anything and take everything in their stride, having a great plan in mind for your video while maintaining a flexibility to let things unravel naturally. I recommend them 100%. Perfect."