Samantha / Nick

Melbourne, Australia

When we first recce the Stones of the Yarra Valley, we fell immensely in love with the whole place, it felt as though we were taken back to Tuscany. And it is no surprise that this place has been the dream wedding venue for many couples — a little classic “ Italian-feel “ Chapel, the iconic vineyard that is ideal for pre wedding shoot, the classic Italy trees line, a tastefully decorated boutique hotel where couples could get ready before the wedding, a lovely reception space with a stunner view overlooking its very own vineyard estate and the hilly landscape of Yarra Valley when the sun sets, the exceptional accommodative and polite service from managerial to waiting team, and it is only fair to say that their food is of world class standard.


Having just met Samantha and Nick twice before the wedding, we came to know and like them more. They both are very humble, nice, easy going, and meticulous in a good way. Sam has put in a lot of effort in choosing her wedding gown that speaks her style; one that has just the right amount of lace to complement the gown yet giving it an elegant look. And we can see why Nick was lost for words and stunned when he saw Sam ( in her wedding gown ) at the first look session. It was nice to be part of their wedding celebration. It was a day full of blessings, emotion and fun; their family members were in teary eyes when the celebrant officially announced them as husband and wife, and wedding guests were happily letting their foot loose and show off their best dance moves under the moonlight.