What a great wedding it was for Victor and Peggy. They started off their Special Day with the Chinese wedding tradition, pick-up bride session. With a bunch of supportive and sporting groomsmen, Victor had no issues going through the challenges laid down by the uber creative bridesmaids. Peggy, on the other hand, was a tad nervous and excited at the same time. We could see how happy she was when Victor sang her a song. And finally, Victor got to meet his bride Peggy for the first time. Peggy and Victor are Uni lovers and started dating since first year of University. It's funny how Victor initiated the relationship by asking Peggy, " So Peggy, do you wanna make this shit official? " And that's how they moved on from friends to lovers, and till today, they are officially married. It was so funny when one of the groomsmen put out this fact during his reception speech and that had the entire room burst into laughters. And so did we! We reckon this is the coolest pick up line ever. Victor and Peggy are just so meant for each other, both with sweet, loving and calm personality. Peggy may not be the one who tells jokes, but she certainly enjoys Victor's sensational jokes at all times. That's just true love. Victor and Peggy had their wedding ceremony and dinner reception at the beautiful venue, Carousel with a view overlooking Melbourne's city skyline. It was an unforgettable night filled with love, laughters, 'yum sengs' and dancings! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be part of Peggy and Victor's special day. We wish Peggy and Victor a blissful life ahead, filled with love, happiness and joy!

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